Engaging Parents in Education: Lessons From Five Parental Information and Resource Centers

"The purpose of this guide is to explain "how to" strategies that the Parent Information Resource Centers (PIRCs) use to improve or expand their parental involvement programs in public schools." (click here to go to this USDOE web page) or call NH State PIRC at (800) 947-7005 to request a printed copy.

Articles and Blogs on Education and Family Engagement


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Research Finds Positive Action® Program Improves Students’ Test Scores and Behavior
A study by Oregon State University researchers found that Positive Action, a program that teaches social and emotional skills and character development to elementary school children, can improve academic test scores as much as 10 percent on national standardized math and reading tests...
Poverty levels influence children's learning
Statesman Journal - Salem,OR,USA
Schools with a higher percent of low-income students often lack resources, such as donations, volunteers and parent involvement, that more affluent schools ...
A Watershed Moment For New London
TheDay - New London,CT,USA
Parent involvement “doesn't mean having to go to every PTO meeting,” she said. “It's as simple as asking if the homework is done. I think a superintendent ...
Appleseed Today: A New Foundation for Parent Involvement
A New Foundation for Parent Involvement. By Kevin Walker, President & Founder, Project Appleseed We need a new foundation for parental involvement in public schools. Nearly everything in public education is measured except the level of ...
Syracuse City Schools celebrate excellence
CNYLink from Eagle Newspapers - Syracuse,NY,USA
She has become “an outstanding example of parent involvement, the kind of engagement that is needed in every school.” Courtney Dornton, a senior at ...
Well-Connected Parents Take On School Boards
Washington Post 1/30/09 - School officials say they welcome the heightened interest in public education, because parent involvement often leads to student success. Read More
Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Family Engagement. Study after study correlates academic achievement with high levels of parent involvement. These much-studied schools often display greater parent engagement when compared with demographically similar, lower performing schools. Read More
Parents’ Role in Schools Earns Fresh Respect. Maryland's new standards show the value states place on family participation, replacing the old perception that parents’ primary role in schools is running fundraisers. From Education Week. Read More


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